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The better your belongings are packed, the safer the move will be.

Atlantic Beach Movers offers quality, specialty packaging and shipping products to ensure everything arrives in your new home exactly as it left the old one. Whether you pack it yourself or have us take care of it for you, the right packing products and techniques ensure a worry-free, safe move.
Packing materials and products, Atlantic Beach Movers

  • Boxes of all sizes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Packing Supplies
  • Padding Materials
  • Custom Packaging & Shipping Materials
  • Packing & Unpacking Services

Get ready to move:

Get Out Your Calendar and Start Planning Early – It’s easy to underestimate how much stuff you have, so make sure to leave yourself enough time to pull it out and pack it. Mark moving day with a big, red X.

Make Room ListsMake one for each room your current home as well as for your new home. You’ll be able to keep track of what goes where.

Create an Inventory for Every Room – For each room (plus the garage and yard) write down the sorts of things you will need to pack up. Furniture, closets, desks, drawers, installed shelves, etc.

Allow enough time for packing – A good rule of thumb is that it takes a month to pack. Estimate an around four hours per room. Use your calendar and to plan when each room finished.

Don’t Forget to Delegate – Make sure everyone involved in the move knows exactly which tasks they are responsible for and the date they need to be finished.

Check your Calendar Weekly – Check your progress. Are you on schedule? Update your schedule if you’re not on track.

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